Fine Bone China Tea Mug


A cup of tea is a sacred ritual to the British. As such our tea mug had to be a very specific size: not too big (which would allow the tea to get cold too quickly), not too small (nobody wants a tiny cup of tea). With a handle, of course, to enable it to be drunk steaming hot. Perfection!


Handmade in Devon by Feldspar Studio from fine bone china, with a transparent glaze that brings out the crisp white of the material and emphasises its dimpled profile. The cup has a deep blue hand-painted handle.


This exquisite piece of British craftsmanship is designed to be treasured, and to last. Please take care of your object for life. They are dishwasher safe, but please do this with care and do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaning utensils on them.


This unique piece comes in a stylish gift box making it the perfect present for any tea lover.



H 86mm ø 80mm
Capacity: 12oz


Made In: Devon, UK



This product is handmade by a talented British artisan and, as such, we don’t always have the item in stock as it may need to be made to order. If you need your purchase to arrive by a certain date, please email us on and we will confirm a delivery date as we would hate for you to be disappointed, especially around Christmas etc. Thanks!