Lightweight Leather Cross Back Apron


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This handmade leather apron is a bit of light weight luxury, it weighs less than 1kg!


Light brown in colour, supple in texture, this is an apron designed for chefs, barbers, butchers, crafters, cooks, silversmiths, stonemasons…..


Crafted with a scoop neck to lessen gaping and a design that fits the body snuggly, with an adjustable cross back strap design. This strap design makes the apron very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Easily adjusted using the solid brass sliders, and belt buckle.


Super light in weight, so a great choice for long wear and a must for the ladies!


Easy to keep clean, simple wipe with a damp cloth. Waterproof, a great protector for all types of work.


Already distressed for an aged look, with scrapes and scratches, this leather will scuff and age with you.


Great fit for both men and women.



Apron length: 88cm from top of chest area of the apron.

Width: 74cm overall width of apron area.

Waist size: 90cm – 110cm

Weigh’s: less than 1 kilo


Custom sizes and monogramming available.


Handmade in Brighton, UK.



This product is handmade by a talented British artisan and, as such, we don’t always have the item in stock as it may need to be made to order. If you need your purchase to arrive by a certain date, please email us on and we will confirm a delivery date as we would hate for you to be disappointed, especially around Christmas etc. Thanks!